The mission of the BioCommunications Association is dedicated to enhancing the professional competency of its members and advancing the profession by educating and developing creators and users of visual communication media in the life sciences and medicine. Here in the Resources section of the website the BioCommunications Association would like to make the following resources available to the public.

YouTube Channel

The BCA has a YouTube channel featuring educational videos on photographic techniques.

Tips, Talks & Techniques

Tips, Talks and Techniques is a resource tool for sharing expertise and professional experience to professional photographers and visual communicators in the life science community.

Learn from the Experts

Twins © Peter BartaLearn from the Experts is a new feature on the BCA website that highlights 10 images and interviews of BCA members. Learn how each image was created and then read an interview with the photographer. This is part of a multi-phase project that involves participation from BCA members and showcases the diversity and expertise of BCA members.

BCA Webinars

The BCA hosts live educational webinars. View list of recorded webinars.

BCA Career Poster

The BCA career poster is a helpful tool for professors, teachers, school counselors, mentors, and anyone involved in guiding and promoting career choices in photography, videography, and the visual arts.


The many links provided here represent other professional organization, educational opportunities, and photographic inspiration.

Q & A

BCAtalk is an email listserv to exchange information on techniques and products. In this Q&A section we've gleaned select questions from our listserv.

Stretching Your Frame of Mind

Sponsored by the BCA, Joe Baraban, one of Houston's premier photographers for the past forty years, very graciously consented to give a presentation at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Read more and watch videos of his presentation.