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Membership Categories

Any person interested in the advancement of visual communications media in the life sciences and the Association.

Any person enrolled in a full time program having a major emphasis in the area of visual communication pertaining to the biological sciences, in a college, university or other institution of like scholastic standing shall be eligible to apply. Applicants for Student membership must be sponsored and verified by their academic program directors. Student membership will terminate at the end of the year in which the academic program is completed.

Any person having been a member of the Association for a total of at least twelve years who is at least sixty years of age shall be eligible for Retired membership. Applicants for Retired Membership shall submit a signed statement of their retired status and must be sponsored by one Active Member of the Association.

Any person who has distinguished himself or performed eminent service in the advancement of visual communications media in the biological sciences, or otherwise furthered the aims and purposes for which the Association exists may be designated as an Honorary member. Election to such status shall require nomination by the Honors Committee and two-thirds affirmative vote of the Board of Governors. Any person thus elected shall be exempt from payment of dues.

Any person who has been a member of the Association for a period of not less than twenty years (does not need to be consecutive), attained the age of 55 years, and retired from the field of biocommunications. Election to such status shall require nomination by one member (active/retired/emeritus), reference from one other person and submission of curriculum vitae (emeritus application form can be used in lieu of a C.V.).

There shall be sustaining membership for any duly constituted organization, such as manufacturers, dealers, laboratories, scientific societies, clinics, hospitals, educational institutions and research foundations, or associations of such organizations shall be eligible to apply.

There shall be institutional membership for any organization such as a school, hospital, institute, or scientific society not operated for profit. An institutional member may nominate persons to individual membership.

Category Determination

The Central Office Manager shall determine whether applicants meet the requirements of the membership category for which application has been made. Questionable applications will be referred to the Executive Committee.

Membership Application

Please download and fill out the membership application form and then email the file to the BCA's Manager of Member Services.

Manager of Member Services
Charlene Baron, MEd, FBCA

Mailing address:
389 Newport Avenue
Attleboro, MA 02703-5617