Endowment Fund for Education (EFFE)


Started in 1982 as the Sam Agnello Memorial Education Fund, the BioCommunications Association has an established endowment fund, which is used to fund educational projects. It incorporates a portion of the former Bernard Friedman Foundation, which was established to support microscopy. This fund is known as the Endowment Fund for Education (EFFE).


The objectives of EFFE are to promote and assist study and research in the field of biological communication by the application of scholarship and grants for such purposes, and to promote the Association as a key source of opportunities for the study and research of visual communication media in the life sciences.

EFFE promotes and assists study and research in the field of biological communication by providing financial support to projects and scholarships approved by the EFFE governing committee.


The EFFE Committee evaluates the completed applications received within the annual deadline and makes awards based on merit and the availability of funds. These funds are generated from the interest earned from investment of the EFFE principal sum in several financial instruments, most of which are mutual stock funds. A majority of the fund is derived from the generous contributions of BCA members. EFFE funds can only be used for approved educational projects. They can never be used for the operating expenses of the Association. EFFE funds are completely separate from the general operating funds of the BCA.

EFFE Grants are awarded annually based on merit and the availability of funds.

EFFE Scholarships are awarded annually in the form of two $500 scholarships.


Membership in the BCA is not a requirement for receiving an EFE Grant or an EFFE Scholarship. Any student, trainee, biocommunicator or institutional program that can demonstrate a need for project funding may apply. However, members of the EFFE Selection Committee, or their relatives, are ineligible.

EFFE Application Deadlines

EFFE Grant application deadline is April 23.

Please download the EFFE Grant Application and Guidelines PDF which is enabled for electronic completion.

EFFE Scholarship application deadline is April 30.

Please download the EFFE Scholarship Application PDF which is enabled for electronic completion.

Contact the EFFE Committe or BCA Central Office for more information.

EFFE 2013 Recipients

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