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BCA Update

Wellcome Image Award photo by BCA member David Bishop
Photo by David Bishop

Spring 2016 BCA News

Read the new online edition of the Spring 2016 BCA News featuring six articles including news about BCA member David Bishop from London who won two Wellcome Image Awards. Also see 5 reasons to attend BIOCOMM 2016.

Call for Nominations

We are accepting nominations for our Executive Board positions; President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Currently they are one year terms. Our three present officers will be running for re-election, but you as a member, have the opportunity to step up and run for one of these positions. For more information about these roles, you will find attached, a "position description" outlining duties of the Executive Board and the individual officers. Please note the cutoff date for accepting nominations is May 13. The Nomination form is attached.

I don't want to hold office…

There are many opportunities for you to contribute your time and talents to the BCA that don't involve a vote! It takes many hands to keep BCA running smoothly. Did you know we have an Honors committee? Do you know about our Certification committee, our EFFE committee? These are just a few of the groups that work hard to promote the BCA and our membership.

If you have ever thought you would like to get more involved in BCA, know that you are welcomed with open arms. Perhaps you want to work with one of these committees (or others), or perhaps you have a special project in mind. Maybe you don't really know how to or what to do. Contact Charlene at Member Services, and she will provide you with some guidance and put you in touch with the appropriate person(s).

An investment in BCA is an investment in yourself and your career.  Please consider what role you might play in keeping your association at the forefront of visualizing science.

Thank you!
The Executive Board

New Design for BCA Website!

We are excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website! The new design and colors invoke a fresh modern look. We've simplified the navigation and reorganized the content, moving more into the Professional Resources section.

We'd like to thank our BioImages contributors for their amazing photographs and videos that showcase our expertise in visual communications. They make BCA's website look even more impressive.

Special thanks go to the BCA webmaster Tom Roth and Karen Hensley, Director of Communications!

Charles A. Hedgcock, 2016 Louis Schmidt Laureate

Charles “Chip” HedgcockThe Louis Schmidt Committee of the BioCommunications Association is pleased to announce that Charles A. Hedgcock, or Chip as he is known to many, is the 2016 Louis Schmidt Laureate.

Charles “Chip” A. Hedgcock is a Registered Biological Photographer and Fellow of the BioCommunications Association. His work is of the highest quality as shown by his participation in over one hundred solo and group exhibitions in galleries across North America and on an international level at places such as the Royal Photographic Society in Bath, England. He is widely published in the popular press linking science and the general public. He has created a special visual bridge that allows his work to speak to both science and art. Recently his work demonstrating the chemical defence of the Bombardier beetle was used by the New York Times.

Ground Beetle, Pasimachus californicus © Charles HedgecockThe departments he supported for his years at the University of Arizona had many cover illustrations using his work in top scientific journals. His revealing images of what he refers to as the charismatic microfauna led one critic to say “Chip is to bugs what Weston was to peppers.”

He has advanced scientific knowledge through his work at the University of Arizona and the Sky Island Alliance. His participation in expeditions to parts of the United States Southwest and the Madrean Archipelago in Sonora, Mexico has directly led to the discovery and documentation of species of flora and fauna that had previously been unknown. He is a masterful problem solver as noted in his ability to document animal behavior.

Bifurcation of the tail and ultra violet fluorescence in the Bark scorpion Centruroides sculpturatus © Charles HedgecockChip willingly shares his knowledge on various levels. He publishes in a wide range of media from scientific peer review to the popular press, works as diverse as our own Journal of Biocommunication to the New York Times. He edited the information on scorpions in the recent edition of “A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert” 2015, University of California Press. He lectures and conducts workshops on his techniques from a university academic level to his recent workshops at the North American Nature Photography Summit in San Diego, California. He is a frequent author and presenter of papers at the BIOCOMM meetings and often a leader at workshops.

Chip is a person of principle and integrity. His years of service to the BioCommunications Association on committees and the Board demonstrate his selfless service to the field. He also serves on boards and is active in photography and conservation organizations. All of his colleagues speak of his dedication and his generosity of spirit. A quote from a sponsor well sums up his reputation with “Chip is conscientious, highly professional, admirably ethical and deeply dedicated to using his art in service to science, natural history, and conservation.”

BioImages 2016 Now Open for Submissions

BioImages annual juried competition is now open for submissions through March 31, 2016. BioImages showcases the finest still, graphics and motion media work in the life sciences and medicine. Start preparing your images to submit.

BCA Announces New EFFE BIOCOMM Educational Grant Opportunity

BCA has developed a new grant to support educational opportunities and enable members to attend the annual BIOCOMM meeting. This award is intended to enhance proficiency in public speaking, foster writing skills, and defray cost for members who are partially funded or do not receive any funding to attend BCA educational conferences.

Total funding will not exceed the cost of registration, accommodations and transportation up to $2,000.00. The number of awards made will depend on the quality of the applications received and determined by the EFFE committee and approved by the Executive Committee.

To qualify the applicant must be a member of BCA for a minimum of 3 years, submit an abstract to present at BIOCOMM 2016 and the abstract accepted by the Director of Conferences. In addition, the applicant will submit an article for the BCA News or the Journal of Biocommunication (JBC) or create instructional content for the BCA website. Assistance in preparing a presentation or writing an article is available as needed by contacting the EFFE chair.

More information about the BIOCOMM Educational Grant.

The deadline for submission is: January 15, 2016. The conference abstract and submission procedure can be downloaded here.

For questions contact EFFE Chair, Danielle Edwards, BAppSc Honors, BA, RBI, FAIMBI, FIPT, FBCA.

BCA Fall Webinar

Mark your calendars for the BCA 2015 Fall Webinar “Using Video to Reach Your Audience” on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 1 pm (EDT).


We are happy to announce BIOCOMM 2016 will be held in the “Big Easy” – New Orleans, Louisiana, June 20–24, 2016.

BioImages 2015 Award Winners

The BioCommunications Association is proud to announce the award winners from the BioImages 2015 competition. The BIOCOMM 2015 Opening Reception and BioImages Salon was held June 22 in Santa Fe, NM.

BCA YouTube Channel

The BCA now has a YouTube channel featuring educational videos on photographic techniques. Learn more

Spring Webinar

Join us on May 27 for the Spring 2015 Webinar, "Indecent Exposure 2 – On Location" presented by Jason Candlin. Two years ago Jason presented a webinar on studio lighting and standardizing. This will be a sequel of sorts as he will be talking about handheld flash on location and standardizing. Learn more

BCA News Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 edition of the BCA news is now online.

EFFE Grants Applications Deadline April 23, 2015

The Endowment Fund for Education (EFFE) Committee of the BCA urges you to get your grant applications in for review by the committee. Requests for funding of a variety of projects will be considered. If you have a good idea but have limited or no resources, apply to EFFE. BCA wants to support worthwhile projects, so there is no time to waste. Grant applications close on April 23, 2015.

A condition of EFFE funding is that we ask recipients to share their findings with the membership of BCA, either as a journal article or as conference presentation - perhaps both. This provides the applicant with another opportunity to participate more broadly in BCA.

Submission guidelines and project examples are available via the EFFE Grants web page.

About BCA

The BioCommunications Association, or BCA, is an international professional association of people working in the biological communications field. BCA wants to assist you in maximizing your success using images to communicate. With educational resources, programs, materials and a network of colleagues able to offer advice and support, BCA is equipped to address your professional needs. If you are concerned with effective visual communication in the life sciences and medicine, there is a place for you in the BCA.

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